As I think ahead to our 5 kids being grown, I imagine someone asking me, “What 1 thing would you go back and change?”

And already I know the answer.

“I wish I would have enjoyed them more. I wish I hadn’t wished the mundane days away.”

What can change this trajectory? What can make an entire life full?

…Eyes open to grace…

I want to experience it in every moment. I want to embrace it with every sense.

Whether washing dishes or flying someplace far, I want to breathe deeply of ALL THIS GRACE.

My whole life has been defined by the cross. Jesus’ death in my place is the foundation my entire life sits on.

But has it changed the way I see? The way I parent? The way I love?

Friends, I’m on a grace hunt. A search to find it here and there.

Will you join me?

8 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. SO excited you are blogging again. You are wise and gracious and I love reading your stories. Can you put up a Caleb quote or the Lego story?

  2. Tiff….thanks so much for your encouraging words. I too struggle with this on a daily basis. Thanks or reminding me that I do not have to be perfect!!

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