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Ask me how many parenting books I’ve read?  Too many to count.  I’ve never done this parenting thing before and honestly, it scares me to death.  That’s why I grab any book I can.  The unfortunate thing that’s happened, though, is that I’ve learned to parent “by the book.”  Let me explain.

As I think ahead to our 5 little people being grown, I imagine someone asking me one day, “What 1 thing would you go back and change?”  And already I know the answer.  I would say, “I wish I would have enjoyed them more.  I should have had more fun with them and stopped worrying about getting everything right.”  It’s true.  And through this journey of letting go, of trying not to be such a perfect parent, I’m finding so much grace in the Gospel.

I can’t be perfect for our kids, and I can’t expect them to be either.  If so, it would nullify everything Christ endured on the cross on our behalf.  I’m learning to laugh more with them; to let the house be a mess; to order pizza late at night.  I’m finding so much freedom in the Gospel; in the confidence that Jesus has paid it all and He “has come that we may have life and have it to the fullest.”

Yes, I’m still gonna work my rear off to parent well these gifts God has given us.  But I’m also gonna let go a little.  I’m choosing to be an imperfect parent, to accept the bumps and bruises, and let the kids see God’s grace in me every day.  This is a journey I’m on, and I’d love for you to join me!

6 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. SO excited you are blogging again. You are wise and gracious and I love reading your stories. Can you put up a Caleb quote or the Lego story?

  2. Tiff….thanks so much for your encouraging words. I too struggle with this on a daily basis. Thanks or reminding me that I do not have to be perfect!!

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